About Us

Welcome to Kizzy

I dance because there is no greater feeling in the world than moving to a piece of music and letting the rest of the world disappear"

This quote sums up the catalyst of what we have come to expect from a dance artist irrespective of age. It defines the passion and commitment behind psychology of every dancer. It is no wonder that they spend countless hours learning their choreographed routines, fine tuning them and finally showcasing it to an audience. We being the audience applaud with rigor when we see this art transforms the stage and that thought crosses our mind as we ponder on the amount of work the artist must have put in.

Kizzy Dancewear Pty Ltd (KIZZY) is proud to be supporting and providing dance Artists with quality, comfortable, affordable and durable dance wear not only to see them through the rigorous training but to also inspire them to achieve their up most best.

What is behind the Kizzy Name

Kizzy is shortened concatenated name of a mother and daughter team. Inspired by her very own dance artist, mum has spent a significant amount of time at dance studios, rehearsals and eisteddfods supporting her young artist. It was established that there was a great need of quality, comfortable, affordable and durable dance wear. The dancing community rallied behind the idea and the idea turned into a passion to support all young dancing and performing artists.

Our dance wear range is simple and comfortable to wear to dance training,

Kizzy offers a wide range of dancewear from three years to fifteen years in tutus and skirts, leotards, unitards, shorts, roll down shorts, Jazz Pants, ¾ Jazz pants, hot pants, camisole bra tops, halter tops, tights, warm-ups, and accessories in Dance Bags with Garment Racks and Duffle Bags. We also offer different styles of dance shoes, in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical, and Dance Sneakers.

We are honoured to be able to work with and support our young talents. We are proud of our community of young talents who volunteered themselves as models for our products on our website.

Kizzy would like to express our sincere of thank you to the young talents and their parents for getting behind our passion and helping us realize our dream of supporting young dance artists.

The Kizzy Team